A simple in-browser roguelike game inspired mostly by ancient classics like ADOM and Nethack. The game is mostly black and white (it originally was going to be 100% black and white; but I added color to some things to make differentiation easier, mostly just for the message log). Unlike most roguelike games, the level layouts of RogueType are predefined with a very easy to use format; so you can create your own custom levels. The option for random level generation might happen eventually, but it's currently not a priority. Obviously most other elements of the game (what items show up, combat rolls, curses and enchantments on weapons, etc.) are all randomized. No libraries or engine was used to make this game, it's just javascript.

If you've never played this sort of roguelike game before, you'll probably lose a lot before you start to get better at the game. Just remember, take things slow and plan out your moves to avoid unnecessary danger.


  • Pecon - Writing almost all the game code
  • Jazz Cat - Original soundtrack
  • Oren Watson - Neoletters font face (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) [Some minor changes were made to make a few characters work better, you can download the edited version from the Github repository]
  • baiomu - Small code and feature contributions
  • Zeustal - Writing inspirations, some pixel graphics, and default map contribution
  • Nix - Cover image

You can view the source code and keep up with updates on the Github repository, just keep in mind that this game is not open source licensed.

Release date Jan 04, 2018
TagsRoguelike, Roguelite, Text based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Source code